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Imagine an off-ice puck, with the look and feel of a real ice hockey puck, and the ability to simulate on ice stick handling/shooting, from virtually ANY off-ice surface.  JMM Hockey & Super Puck have designed the newest & most versatile product in the market of stick/puck handling & shooting training, the Super Puck.


Super Puck

Our original product, this puck is a solid piece puck with an outer rubber band to simulate the look and feel of a real puck on your stick.  The original puck with black rubber band looks almost identical to an official ice puck, and with the same weight as an ice puck, this training tool is as close to an authentic puck as it gets.  This is the perfect puck to keep in your bag, and pull out for training almost anywhere.  This puck works best on carpet (with un-taped stick), concrete, rubber, & ice.


Light’n Puck

Our most popular product, an internally lit, 2 piece casing puck that works on all surfaces.  Offered in Blue, Green, & Pink, the Light’n Puck is turned both on & off by simply waving a light source over the middle of the puck.  This could be a light bulb, a flashlight, & if angled properly, even the sun.  With a light source that lasts up to 24 hours of ON play, and can be seen from over 300 meters away, this puck catches the eye of most people very quickly.  Not only does the light help with head up training & using your peripheral vision, but it also makes that daunting task of retrieving lost pucks from the snow much easier.  This puck does weigh slightly less that an official ice puck, but with the outer rubber band, still simulates the feel of an actual puck.


Gravity Puck

With the same 2 piece casing as the Light’n Puck, this puck is put together with a weight inside for keeping a low center of gravity.  This puck is designed to travel over most surfaces without tumbling or rolling, simulating the movement of a real puck.  The Gravity Puck can be made in both a lighter or heavier weight, depending on each individual’s preference. While shooting this puck is not recommended, this puck is perfect for stick handling on almost any surface.

The Super Puck was designed with the modern day youth hockey player in mind.  The countless hours of stick handling golf balls on the carpet in hotel rooms during tournaments. The off-ice dryland on the rubber flooring of rinks. Or simply just kids in the back yard on their concrete patios.  The Super Puck allows you to use one training product, on all these surfaces.  The outer rubber bands can be customized, whether you’d like a team name, store/company name, or just want custom colors.  With our 3 patented designs, we are confident that there is a Super Puck perfect for everyone.

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